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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What would you have changed?

Sorry it's taken me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to blog again! We have been so insanely non-stop and it seems as though it may never let up!! Just when you think it can't get any more hectic, life takes the words, crazy busy, to a whole new level!! Don't get me wrong, it's good busy-ness and we are beyond thankful for every challenging minute of it, but it definitely makes our heads spin from time to time.

I know I said I would post a preview of baby Brooklyn before, but they are already up on the website and fb now, so all of that madness has beaten the blog, as far as previews go. You can go check them out though. She's quite a looker and her mommy and daddy are going to have their hands full beating them off when she gets older (I'm sure they would like to scald me for saying that too, but it's true). If you're checking out the Babies and Bumps album on our website, she's the one in the boppy with the sweet pea metal art, also the one holding up the peace sign, she's the one totally konked out on the stool too. There are a few others, but I can't think of them right off. Once you see which of the many cute lil angels she is on our website, you'll be able to pick out the other ones of her.

I have sooo many interesting experiences to catch everyone up on, but I think they'll have to wait til later. I do, however, have a note about Wedding Photography that we worked up for everyone to open up about and relay their input. Every comment counts, so please let us know what you think:

What Would You Have Changed About Your Wedding Photography?

As photographers, we are always looking to improve our work ethic and the techniques that we use to perform our jobs. Without getting too personal, what are the most common complaints that you have had or heard about your wedding photography or someone else's? You may not be married yet, but we've all heard horror stories. Here are a few examples: the formal pictures after the ceremony took too long, they were in your face the whole time, not enough candids and too many posed shots, disruption of special moments, the price was too high, lack of professionalism, too professional and uptight, the turnaround time took too long, etc... Feel free to expand upon or add to the list. Please help us create priceless photos and provide the best service we can. Thank you so much for your input!! It is greatly appreciated!

P.S. We LOVE you guys!!!


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