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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I know I'm like the worst blogger ever and there's probably no possible way I could catch anyone up on everything we've done in the past few months...we can barely keep up ourselves! Basically the best way to stay updated on new photos on our website is to "like" our fb business page (www.facebook.com/medfordimages). I know that doing it that way lacks a lot of the personal details that could be blogged about, but I will definitely try when time allows!

We recently caught up on editing for the first time since we started photography!! It lasted about 3 days until we realized we still had four small projects to work on and then on the 4th day, we had another photoshoot. There's also another one this week with our new lil niece that we haven't even gotten to see in person yet and we're very excited! After that, the crazy schedule of actually taking the pictures won't start back again until January 4th (although the craziness of editing this week's shoots will probably go well past that).

During those 3 days, we did get some of the plumbing done on our new bathroom, thanks to Isaac's cousin! We've had a brand new jet tub, still in the box, sitting in our shop since mid-summer. If you are female, you know how tempting and torturous that is! To have one for that long and not be able to use it should be a sin! Our bathroom has been torn apart to the point of unrecognizable for about 4 or 5 months now and in the works since before then. We had plans to finish it this past summer, but it's looking like it might not be until next summer or later. Right now, it has partial flooring (no, not tile, just whatever it is you put down before you lay tile--and only on some of the floor), most of the plumbing, no walls (the sheetrock materials have been sitting behind our couch in the living room for about 3 months now), and that's about all. The toilet's sitting in what part of the closet that's left and it's new because we had to replace it before we could move in. Cannot wait to conquer this bathroom so we can start on the other one and the laundry room, then move on to the fun things like new countertops. I've got high hopes that we can manage all of that, plus life and photography in this decade!

This year has been insane for us! And it's came and gone faster than ever! It seems like the business blew up overnight and before we knew it, we were buried...eating, sleeping, and breathing everything photography without a second to stop before doing it all over again the next day. We are so greatful for every bit of it and could never ever take any of what we've been blessed with for granted. With that said, we've gotta get it under control! We have been gradually trying to do that and we won't know if our method will be effective until months from now. January is completely swamped, without a doubt...2-3 shoots a week every single week we're able to book. February and March are slowly getting there but we're hoping to space it out as much as possible to keep our sanity.

Most people don't realize how much we put into a simple photoshoot or wedding. Simple is hardly the word. We're hoping to add some insight to this through a new section of our website, at some point...just like everything else...when time allows. It's very extensive though and it takes a lot of hard work. Any given person can't just go out and buy a nice camera and call themselves a photographer. There are sooo many different aspects of every angle you have to cover before you should even start working. I know we've only been doing this for a little over a year, at this point, but we have a lot under our belt now and we're still constantly learning--we take pride in that. Once you stop learning, you should stop photographing because then, you will lose your spark. It's better to be humble and accepting of new ideas. You never know what you could gain just by trying something new.

Speaking of trying something new, we have realized that our schedule has allowed for nothing in that area whatsoever thesedays! Yet another reason to get it under control. Most of what we're having to do at this point is just get done, with no time to experiment or put new ideas to good use because our time is so limited. We have missed out on so many aspects of life, both personal and professional, because we have somehow managed to overbook. We'll take full responsibility for that part, but there's only so much you can try to consider when you're having to book clients 6 months in advance because the calendar is already so full. We're trying really hard to manage things differently but if anyone has any tips to add, we'd sure be happy to have them!

Last but not least...MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don't blog again before then! And HAPPY NEW YEAR too!! Hope everyone's holidays are truly as blessed as ours!


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